Open Water Diver

Experience first hand what South Florida's tropical coral reefs have to offer by getting certified as a PADI Open Water Diver.

Classes are scheduled on a first come, first served basis and take four days to complete when you sign up with our included eLearning option. Students are asked to complete the eLearning at home in their free time prior to coming in for the first day of class.

The first two days typically consists of strictly pool work, where our certified PADI instructors will ensure you are comfortable assembling and diving with the equipment in a controlled environment. As long as you prove capable and comfortable, the two remaining days will consist of four total open water dives! 

Our instructors have over 15 years of experience and are locally considered some of the most knowledgeable and capable instructors in Southeast Florida. Class sizes never exceed four students so we can make sure that you are receiving a quality and personalized experience. 

The base class price is $595. This includes access to the PADI eLearning, which expedites your training experience. This price reflects a fixed schedule, which typically is two full weekends with us. It includes rental equipment, pool access, a logbook, a safety surface marker buoy, and at least two chartered open water dives out on the reef. We do however ask that you bring your own mask, snorkel and fins (which you can purchase with us). 

If our course schedule does not align with your visit, we can work with you in a more personal setting in a private session. Private classroom sessions are $825 and include the aforementioned dives and equipment. 

Interested in checking out the local sights? Give us a call to inquire about signing up for your Open Water experience today! 

On vacation and want to check out the reef but don't have time to commit to the class schedule? Try our Discover Scuba option. For $225 you can experience a short knowledge review and get in the water with one of our experienced instructors for a quick shore dive. Best of all, if you choose to eventually sign up for an Open Water course, this dive will qualify as one of the four needed to pass your Open Water Diver course!